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Schedule Change Notification

Schedule Change Notification

American Airlines schedule change parameters for notification of schedule changes involving minor time changes has been discontinued. This modification has reduced our CRS costs related to schedule change activity. It also minimizes the number of schedule change messages transmitted to your agency queues for action.

We do not send a schedule change notification if the departure is 29 minutes or less / later or 15 minutes or less / earlier. We do not send a schedule change notification if the arrival is 30 minutes or less / later or 30 minutes or less / earlier.

Off-Schedule Operations / Reaccommodations - Ticketing Guidelines for Refundable Domestic Fares

August 7, 2008

During periods of irregular operations / off-schedule operations / weather disruptions, agency-assisted Reaccommodations, including rebooking and reticketing when applicable, must be completed at least 60 minutes prior to the replacement flight’s departure time. Adequate time must be allowed for system updates and passenger processing (security processes, baggage checks, baggage transfers, gate transfers, boarding, etc.).


Updated December 10, 2009

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